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Do You Know How to do a Throat Swab Test?

Do You Know How to do a Throat Swab Test?

Issue Time:2022/09/15
Throat swab test is a medical test method. A medical cotton swab is used to take a small number of secretions from the pharynx of the human body, inoculate it in a special petri dish, and then place it in a temperature-controlled device for cultivation. 

Objective: To collect secretions from the pharynx and tonsils for bacterial culture or virus isolation.
Materials: Pharyngeal swab culture tube, alcohol lamp, matches, spatula, flashlight.

1. Rinse your mouth with light salt water (about 1%) in the morning before sampling and collecting samples, so that the bacteria in the mouth can be cleaned up so that the bacteria in the upper and lower respiratory tract can be accurately detected.
2. Stick the label on the specimen container, and carry it to the patient's bedside. Explain the purpose and method of taking a throat swab for culture.
3. Light the alcohol lamp, instruct the patient to open his mouth and make an "ah" sound, expose the throat, and wipe the secretions on both sides of the palatal arch, pharynx, and tonsils with a sterilized cotton swab in the culture tube with sensitive and gentle movements.
4. After taking the test tube, sterilize the mouth of the test tube on the flame of an alcohol lamp, then insert a cotton swab into the test tube and plug it tightly.
5. Send for inspection in time. Inoculated in special Petri dishes.

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